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Student self-government has already become a good tradition in the ISA. And these are not just words. After all, starting from the first week of September, all students are distributing according to interests and abilities in order to work in the Self-government Leagues, where representatives of each group gather to form uneven-age groups. Our school has 10 Leagues of Student Self-Government. Under the guidance of teachers, students learn to manage the school-life, which is manifested not only on the Day of the Doubler, when students prepare and conduct lessons for younger students, but also in the organization of each event, held in our school. Indeed, in any event, students are not only participants, but also organizers. I want to talk about the League of Information and Media, where I work as the Coordinator of the League and manager of the school newspaper “Come together”.

Our Information and Press League is responsible for in-time coverage of all events taking place at school. I would like to draw attention to the key word “in-time”, which, alas, is difficult to do. Our League includes 16 correspondents of 5-11 classes. This is a pretty impressive figure, but with ambitious plans to reorganize the League, we are faced with an insurmountable obstacle: our correspondents, as well as their leaders, must learn and teach every day, hand over the exams, as well as compile and test them that timeliness and mobility in our country is “lame”. After all, whatever one may say, but the main work at school is STUDY. By the way, the students in our group are very responsible and guarantee coverage of all school activities, albeit with a slight delay. So wait and read our School newspaper “Come together” at the end of each quarter!!!

Coordinator of the League of Information and Media,

school newspaper manager Nataliya Malikova


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