It is to be noted at the outset that the our SEN Policy is an ongoing process and is in the process of evalution


ISA upholds the spirits of IBO Mission statement and ISA Mission Statement by recognizing the importance of inclusive education in our Middle Years Programme. For long, there existed a lack of clear-cut definition of SEN but, as of now, going by directions and instruction and the Standards and Practices from IBO, it is thought to consist of non-normative aspects such as social, emotional and behavioral difficulties suffered by students. In general, there is a high incidence of the non-normative SEN. The above conceptualization helps in the identification and early intervention for the benefit of the children.

Aim of SEN Policy

The chief aim of our SEN policy is to:
 Describe and to give a concrete shape to the provision of support for SEN students.
 To make our commitment to the principles of inclusive education a reality.
 To underpin our basic principles of SEN with a framework that would provide constant guidance in the implementation of the policy.

Guiding Principles
 ISA believes that there should be complete participation of all students in the Middle Years Programme.
 We believe that the MYP is an inclusive and holistic program aimed to cater to the needs of all learners.
 The ISA Mission statement recognizes each student as a unique individual and our teachers tailor our strategies according to needs of each student.
 To serve the purpose of SEN students, all are expected to ensure that students with special education needs are included fully and all SEN students register consistent academic progress.
 ISA believes that inclusion is an ongoing process
 All concerned are expected to respond positively to unique needs of our children.
 Subject teachers and homeroom teachers must identify and remove the barriers to enhance learning
 ISA will cultivate and implement a culture of collaboration, mutual respect and problem solving to implement the SEN Policy in a sustained way.
 ISA will ensure that SEN students do not feel marginalized in the process of identification and support.

Support and Interventions
 We believe and impress upon the students the fact that each and every child has the ability to learn, given the right kind of environment so that they are motivated to make effort and to open up.

 Identification of the SEN students through initial interaction and tests, by subject teacher and homeroom teachers.
 Use properly designed differentiation method to provide modified tests and/or testing environments for SEN students.
 Extra time and support being given to SEN students while they are still being taught with the mainstream classes.
 Regularly review and revision of students with special needs in terms of their special needs.
 There is a committee in place for the special needs in our school .It oversees and monitors all matters concerning SEN Policy.
 It involves psychologists, doctor, and a team of dedicated teacher.
 The policy is reviewed and revised 4 times a year, once at the end of each term. A feedback is received from homeroom teacher about such students and then based upon such cases, strategies are planned. Such students receive intensive support from teachers in the

Learning Support Centre, established mainly for SEN students.
 At the Learning Support Center, teachers pay serious attention to the special need of the SEN students and help them overcome their barriers.
 Any support and intervention to help SEN students will not be a complete success unless parents of concerned students are not involved. Keeping that in mind, ISA has a system in place to interact with, and enlist support from, the parents of SEN students.

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