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Международная школа г. Алматы

Welcome to International School of Almaty - the school of development and success!

ISA was founded in 2000. This is a new type of school in the national educational environment, which uses innovative curriculum. The programme is based on the national educational standards.
The central idea of ​​the school is the integration of the global educational environment.
ISA is focused on the mission to teach the new generation of young people, with a wide range of competencies acquired through the application of new approaches to learning.

ISA features:

  • Quality education;
  • Innovative programmes (National educational standards + educational programmes of the International Baccalaureate).
  • A new culture of education;
  • A team of teachers;
  • Informatization of the educational process;
  • School environment for developing creativity and the ability to think critically;
  • Prepare students for the creative life and sense of belonging to the world community;
  • Individual approach to each student.

In elementary school, all students participate in socially important projects and programmes, learn about the world of communication.

All ISA students at the end of 5th grade have a standard lexical level, they can read well in Kazakh, in Russian, in English and French, and can understand the information in the process of communication.

By the end of seventh grade they are prepared to study subjects in Kazakh and English.

By the end of ninth grade, all ISA students write and present their works in languages ​​that are taught in school. They are ready to continue their education in English.

In the tenth grade, all students take the international exams Moderation. According to the results they receive Certificate of the International Baccalaureate.

ISA graduates are well prepared for continuing their education at higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan and abroad.

ISA has a multilingual education. Students speak at least four languages: Kazakh, Russian, English and French. Our classrooms equipped with modern equipment and they are connected to the Internet.

ISA is school with a high level of students’ and teachers’ discipline, who are strictly observe the school regulations. ISA is full day school, free from smoking, drinking and drug usage, it’s safe for the school community.

IB PYP is the programme for kids, focused on child development. The programme includes all types of training activities, both academic and non-academic, the school is responsible for these activities, because they have an impact on students’ further education.

All PYP students are inquirers. The basis of the educational process in the programme of elementary school is the interdisciplinary educational research. All students from grades 1 to 5 and ISA teachers are involved in this process.

IB MYP is the main stage. Its purpose is to create conditions for basic education, a holistic worldview and culture of interpersonal and intercultural communication and self-identity.

Core curriculum of high school provides a wide and balanced range of subjects in each school year. Over the years at ISA students develop thinking skills and explore eight subject groups with increasing depth and understanding from class to class.

Five well-known "central ideas" provided as "areas of interaction", provide an opportunity to implement their learning through eight blocks of subjects.

All areas of interaction allow students to connect new learning to previous experiences.

At the end of each academic year, students present creative works and personal projects.

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