Admission Policy

Admissions are based on:

  • Available place in the target class (class sizes are limited by 20 students throughout the school)
  • Entrance test results
  • Interview with a student
  • Assessment by a school psychologist


  1. An Application to the Head of school signed by the Parent or Legitime Person
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Photos (3X4) - 2 copies
  4. Medical Registry (original) including a full list of vaccinations
  5. Record of achievements, Transcripts, Report Cards, Diplomas, Certificates and etc.
  6. Certificate of Middle School (for 9 year graduates from Kazakhstani and Former Soviet Union Countries.

The Head of School makes a final decision about admitting a student to school.

Primary School (grades 1-5)

Student placements are made primarily on the student age and Admissions test results.

Admission Assessments:

  • Mathematics
  • Russian language
  • English language
  • Interview with the school psychologist

To be enrolled students must achieve 60% or higher in the entrance assessment.

Middle School (grades 6-10) and Grade 11 (for Kazakhstani Programme)

Admission Assessments:

  • Russian, English and Mathematics (for Russian Taught Stream)

A minimum score of 60% in the English, Russian and Maths test is required.

Students with a final score from 50% to 59% may be entered on probation if they perform successfully in the interview. 


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